Aurora REOs
No FORECLOSURES scheduled for Friday 06-18-2021 
Charts of the day are for Maricopa County thru 6/17/2021 (complete)
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Mailing Programs 
NVC has 2 programs that enable mail contact with new homeowners in Maricopa County. The "New Property Owners" tab allows you to use select criteria to create labels & spreadsheets for residential properties sold & closed as current as yesterday for $.05 an item.
The 2nd program allows for the creation of spreadsheets & 4.25 x 5.5 Avery postcards, designed by the user or NVC, printed by the user or NVC & mailed by the user or NVC. The cost per card, out the door, is about $.70 each. If you know of a service provider or restaurant or just about any business that wants or needs contact with new homeowners we can help. Call 623-521-2274 or email support@netvaluecentral.com 

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