Aurora REOs

Attention Attention 

We  started posting sales information last night & will input sales for 9/9/2022 and forward.
 We are having to rewrite procedures & it will take a little time to complete the process
Thank you for your patience 
 From the Maricopa County Recorders Office

"As part of our continuing efforts to secure our systems and data our IT team regularly institutes new security measures. Whitelisting your IP could jeopardize these measures and potentially make them more vulnerable to outside threats. As the Recorder’s Office IT team oversees both Recording and Elections Administration, our IT infrastructure is considered to be “Critical Infrastructure” by the Department of Homeland Security and must therefore be protected at a higher level."

No FORECLOSURES scheduled for Monday 10-03-2022
Charts of the day are for Maricopa County thru 9/8/2022 (complete)
These charts ONLY represent sales of homes to Male, Female & couples.
Click any chart twice to enlarge the charts panel. Press F5 for the latest charts. Suggestions for other charts are welcomed.

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