Aurora REOs
FORECLOSURE scheduled for Monday   12-7-2020
Charts of the day are for Maricopa County thru 12/3/2020
The charts to the left have been revised. They are current as of end of business day yesterday. Click any chart twice to enlarge the charts panel. Suggestions for other charts are welcomed.
Mailing Programs 
NVC has 2 programs that enable mail contact with new homeowners in Maricopa County. The "New Property Owners" tab allows you to use select criteria to create labels & spreadsheets for residential properties sold & closed as current as yesterday for $.05 an item.
The 2nd program allows for the creation of spreadsheets & 4.25 x 5.5 Avery postcards, designed by the user or NVC, printed by the user of NVC & mailed by the user of NVC. The cost per card, out the door, is about $.70 each. If you know of a service provider or restaurant or just about any business that wants or needs contact with new homeowners we can help. Call 623-521-2274 or email support@netvaluecentral.com 

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